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The Office of 


Lee Professor of Economics
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


My research primarily sits at the intersection of (mostly applied) microeconometrics and productivity analysis, with a broad range of empirical applications in microeconomicsindustrial organization, climate economics and operations research. 

  • My econometric contributions are mostly in (1) semiparametric estimation and testing techniques for data with spatial dependence and (2) parametric and semiparametric panel data models with (un)observed heterogeneity and endogenous selectivity.

  • In productivity analysis, my research focuses on the methodology for (1) robust measurement of firm productivity and efficiency, (2) structural identification of production functions, (3) estimation of cross-firm productivity spillovers, (4) modeling of endogenous dynamic relationships between firm performance and its productivity-enhancing activities such as exporting, R&D, foreign direct investments, (5) analysis of firm and market structure in the financial services industry, (6) assessing climate change effects on productivity and economic activity.


In my work, I have studied the production behavior of firms and the market structure in numerous industries including manufacturing, commercial banking, credit union sector, microfinance, electric power generation and distribution, crop production, dairy farming, and others. I have also written on hedonic valuation of adverse effects of non-marketable environmental disamenities and climate change.

I have repeatedly published in many economics and OR/OM journals, including the Review of Economics and StatisticsJournal of Econometrics, Journal of Applied EconometricsJournal of Environmental Economics and ManagementJournal of Banking and FinanceEuropean Journal of Operational Research and Journal of Operations Management. I serve as associate editor for Empirical Economics and the Journal of Productivity Analysis.

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